Logan Scherer & Family

Logan Scherer was diagnosed with HR B-ALL (high-risk B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) on July 24, 2018 at the young age of 4.

While at his great-grandma’s birthday party earlier that month, Logan came down with a fever and flu-like symptoms. His family was preparing to go on their annual summer camping trip, however when Logan wasn’t feeling any better, his parents took him to their family doctor instead. From there, they were sent immediately to Guelph General Hospital where doctors broke the news that their vivacious little boy most likely had leukaemia. Logan was transferred by ambulance to McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton and a short time later Logan received his official diagnosis. The silver lining with Logan’s diagnosis is that HR B-ALL is the most common and most treatable type of childhood leukaemia with an 85% remission rate.

After three weeks in the hospital and his first month of induction chemotherapy and many blood transfusions behind him, Logan went into remission on August 30. Although this is fantastic news, the road ahead is long. Treatments will continue for the next three years with annual check-ups for the rest of his life.

Logan can’t be in most public places, including his school, due to the intensity of his treatments and his low immunity levels. If he spikes fever of any kind, he must be admitted to McMaster until he is fever-free for 48 hours. This means time away from work for Logan’s parents and also time away from and Logan’s big brother, Blake. As anyone can imagine, this “new life” is at times very frustrating for Logan. He is often tired and sad, and doesn’t understand why this is happening to him. It’s heart-breaking for any parent.

We truly appreciate your support with our efforts to ease the financial burden this horrendous disease has placed on the Scherer family. We look forward to seeing you on June 8!

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