5th Annual Nolan Melchin Memorial Golf Tournement

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Makena-2On January 9, 2015, 4 year old Makena Noble, part time princess & full time super hero, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). After 25 months of treatment, this amazing little fighter received her last round of chemo and was ready for her well deserved road to remission! Makena began grade two in September 2017, and recovery was looking very optimistic. Unfortunately, cancer reared it’s ugly head again, and Makena quickly relapsed in December 2017.
Now 7 years old, Makena is a young child who barely knows life without cancer. At McMaster Children’s Hospital, she is the first to offer companionship and support to newly diagnosed children, and will go out of her way to help them in anyway she knows how. This little girl is truly a blessing to everyone around her.
This time around, Makena’s treatment plan has been altered due to side effects she’s incurred in the past, as well as an allergy to one of the primary medications. These complications have forced her doctors to place her into a clinical trial, which involves medicating her little body with drugs that were intended to fight adult cancer.
Another Makena-1change with this round of treatment is that Makena requires a bone marrow transplant, which has been scheduled for April 9th, 2018. Following the transplant, Makena will remain in hospitalized isolation, away from all children, including her 12 year old brother Caiden, for 100 days. Once she receives the ‘all-clear’ to go home, Makena must remain isolated from the general public for another year. For young Makena, this means a very long time before she can return to her friends at school.
Chris and Julie Noble, as well as their children, have been forced to turn their lives upside down because of childhood cancer.. AGAIN. As they focus on Makena’s treatment, and getting her through the tough months ahead, Nolan’s family and friends are honoured to support their family at the 5th Annual Nolan Melchin Memorial Golf Tournament.

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