Lauren Destun and Family

UPDATE….  We are proud to announce that with the hard work of Nolan’s team and all the wonderful participants and sponsors of the 4th Annual Nolan Melchin Memorial Golf Tournament, we successfully raised and presented Lauren Destun and her family $14,933 to help ease their financial strain caused by childhood cancer.  This year they hope to have their best year yet as they support the Noble family.

Thank you for your continued support for these families in need!


When 12-year-old Lauren Destun complained of a sore shoulder, her parents, Mike and Karen, had no idea that weeks later she would be diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Lauren Destin

Since her rigorous chemotherapy treatment began in March 2016, Lauren has suffered severe nausea, vomiting, hair loss, neuropathy, mouth sores, a stroke like event, as well as the inability for her body to fight off common viruses. Regardless of whether Lauren goes into remission, she must continue with this treatment plan until July 2018. Lauren has been unable to attend school full time, and has been forced to put her early teenage life on hold… yet despite everything she’s going through, this young super-hero battles on with a brave and courageous face.

Lauren is the youngest member of the Destun family with three older siblings: Sarah (28), Theo (18), and Zach (16). After meeting the family, there is certainly no question as to where her strength and resilience comes from. Lauren’s battle with cancer is not the first serious medical concern to affect her family. Sixteen years ago, her brother Zach was born with a congenital heart disease which immediately threatened his life. At 9 ½ weeks old, their baby boy underwent his first heart transplant, which was followed up with his second life-saving transplant at the age of four. In addition to Zach’s heart disease and Lauren’s leukemia, less than one year ago, Theo was diagnosed with a rare adrenal insufficiency disease called “Addison’s” which requires lifelong medication and monitoring to ensure it doesn’t become fatal.

Karen and Mike have been forced to cope with tremendous medical obstacles over the last sixteen years. They survive each day through the enormous strength from each other, and the valued support from family and friends. As they look towards the future, Nolan’s family and friends are honoured to support the Destun family at the 4th Annual Nolan Melchin Memorial Golf Tournament.

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